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bruno waits for rube

I’m not sure why I find this fascinating, but our boy dog, Bruno, sits patiently over his food bowl until Rube gets hers. It doesn’t go both ways.


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isaac yozell

This summer our friends mike and erica had a beautiful boy. I got to spend some time with them last month capturing his first formal portrait session . . .




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Margaret Atwood on Debt.

This from a Margaret Atwood Op-Ed in the NY Times today, on the human element inherent in the financial crisis. Resonates with me today. 

We are social creatures who must interact for mutual benefit, and — the negative version — who harbor grudges when we feel we’ve been treated unfairly. Without a sense of fairness and also a level of trust, without a system of reciprocal altruism and tit-for-tat — one good turn deserves another, and so does one bad turn — no one would ever lend anything, as there would be no expectation of being paid back. And people would lie, cheat and steal with abandon, as there would be no punishments for such behavior.

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my new friends.

It amazes me how a bike ride can make total strangers into people who hug each other goodbye at the end of the day. Here’s my crew prior to our 2pm departure. I’m waiting on the classic Mt. Pisgah shot of the 9 of us 3 hours later. Today, I had three couples from . . . Delaware, King of Prussia, and Philly (I think), a trio of friends/brothers, and one small family from Long Island . . . with their seriously talented son, Damien.

Aside from coming to check out the leaves, everyone seemed to be celebrating a milestone . . . a 1 year anniversary, newlyweds on a romantic getaway, and Charles (behind me in the pic) is visiting the US for the first time. After 5 days in a touring bus visiting cities . . . all he wanted was to get out into nature. He came from Singapore, to New York City, then chose Jim Thorpe for his nature adventure?! I felt honored to help fulfill the bike riding, nature seeking part of his visit. 

These guys were amazing. We did a four hour cruise along the Switchback trail . . . took our own, sweet time. Nothing but trees and leaves and fresh air . . . I know I’ll sleep well tonight. 

Charles hung in the back, smiling quietly the whole time.








[Charles from Singapore (right), and his brother Shane.]

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life is so hard

Early this week, I learned my friend Jen’s husband was killed in a climbing accident. He and she are all of 30, maybe 31. I’m still stunned by it, and can’t figure out what to say when I finally find whatever it is you need to call a friend who’s life has been changed forever. 

I met Jen and her vivacious mom at the Colorado Springs Grand Prix in 2006. She’s one of those awesome, outgoing, friendly, open and super positive sporting women you meet on the infield, spend the afternoon in a rain delay with, and suddenly 1,000 miles from home seem like your backyard. Jen and Ryan opened their home to me when I flew to Seattle for the FSA Grand Prix this summer. Cappy, Jen’s mom, made me her award winning Mac&Cheese, Ryan got us pints of fresh berries at the farmers market. It was the first I’d met Ryan, but he fit Jen. I was so lucky to be part of their little family for a short time.

After 3 travel delays, they picked me up at the airport at 11pm in their Volkeswagon bus, giddy from a day in their lives. Ryan had just raced his local, weekly, post-work mountain bike race. I’d never seen two people more alike, who treated each other so sweet with good humor. Like they’d known each other forever, and just got it. My heart aches. That love is rare. I don’t know if or when you start to feel again after something like this happens to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jen, tonight and every night as long as you need them.

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for tiffany . . .


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Take home message of the day . . .

Camping out at SFO airport, for the fourth of six hours . . . check out Bill Stricklands’ “Sitting In” column today. Hilarious stuff if you’re anywhere near the kind of international traveler that I am. This little nugget from Bill is well worth the price of admission . . .

We find true happiness, we humans, when we chase the dreams of our own making, when we appreciate and honor those gifts only we uniquely possess.

And who can miss this rebuttal? Huh??

This article was poorly written and hard to follow. Is Mr. Strickland a 9th grade student trying add witty humor and superfluous details to an already lacking reference? From what I understood of the story it must have been an interesting experience.

Does someone need a hug?

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