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FAQ’s #1

So I’m starting a new section on my blog called “FAQ’s #.” That can be Frequently Asked Questions or Funny ASSorted Quotes. You decide. Word of warning: some are the result of an ongoing dialogue I have in my head. It’s winter here in Jim Thorpe, and I spend way too much time alone.

What do you do?

For the first time in my life, I wrote “Athlete” down on the customs form when I landed in Australia. That was a shift in consciousness. I’m a writer, photographer and researcher by trade. I love telling stories and solving problems. I once pumped gas, shoveled snow and delivered flowers on Valentines and Secretaries day to pay the bills.

Are you married.

Yep. To a really great guy named Låth. Here’s a picture of him overlooking the Lehigh River (just outside our backyard). We’re going to kayak this year.


He mountain bikes. We met online (it’s the new church.) He’s starting to eat meat for the first time in eighteen years.

You going to have kids?

Just thought I’d throw that one in. My friend Jeanne asked me that yesterday. We’re newly married, so we get asked a lot.

The verdict’s still out on that one. I like kids. A lot, actually. I think they’re awesome. But I think I’d be a better teacher than owning one of my own. It seems like really hard, heart wrenching work. Plus, I’ve been known to worry. And I think parenthood would ruin me.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if you could leave your kids with someone for a day or two, go off and have adventures and come back and get them? I would love to have adventures with your kids, then give them back to you.

Which is why I love being Aunt Lizzie to Madeline and Ivan. If I can find my favorite picture in the world, I’ll post it here soon.


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