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Here’s a sweet piece that spells out everything you should know about carbon fiber bikes but were too busy to ask . . .  courtesy of Giant Bicycles & Bicycling magazine:

The Making of Giant Bicycles Carbon Fiber Bike Frames.

And in case you missed my piece on Bicycle: People + Ideas in Motion, check it out!


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As an athlete working towards personal goals, it’s so easy to get into the mind-set of me, me, me . . .

When do I need to be at the gym? What  should I eat? What was my time?  I need rest, I need sleep, I need to ride, I, I, I.

Then I look at this video and realize what a luxury this is and how different my daily reality is from the people of Haiti and really so many people in the world. People who are waiting in line for food, who don’t have clean drinking water, who don’t know where their kids or family members are and don’t know where they’re sleeping tonight or if they’ll be safe.

It brings new meaning to the idea of sacrifice and challenges.

I love the remake and think it’s amazing it came together so quickly. And I’m in awe of the power of god-given talent, and that people find ways to use theirs to help others and make a difference and provide hope to people  surrounded by devastation.

And I love that people and kids still manage to dance and raise their hearts and smile when their world has crumbled around them.

There are a million ways to help.

For me, Verizon just lowered my cell plan by 20$. I figure I should be able to give $10 of that to the Red Cross each month for awhile.

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