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warmer days . . .

My latest post went up on Bicycling.com today . . . a long overdue recap of our fall foliage rides here in Jim Thorpe. I’m trying to get myself dressed and psyched to head out the door for a 3 hour ride in 28 degree weather, so it’s nice to be reminded of days when there were leaves on the trees and the sun was closer. 


The rides we did this fall made a big impact on me. Jim Thorpe is a hub of rails-to-trails riding and we met so many great people with such a variety of backgrounds—each one a cyclist in their own right. Families, couples, kids . . . I still have to post a little story about the Bellia family from Freehold, NJ.

It always surprises me when I meet someone who’s about to embark on a little 25 mile trail ride with their honey who says, “Oh, but I’m not a real cyclist.” This, of course, on the tail end of telling me all about their cycling club, the weekly club rides they do, how much they love the sport and how much fun they have. If that’s not a real cyclist, I don’t know what is!

The couple I’m thinking of came up this summer. He  was retired from the Lafayette College athletic department and she a retired secondary school principle. They came up to JT to cruise down the Lehigh Gorge trail from Whitehaven. Both were in their sixties, in INCREDIBLE shape, and looked like a couple of school kids when we dropped them off.


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Kickin’ off the off-season, no matter how short it might be, with some chill mountain biking here in Jim Thorpe. Here are a few shots from our cruise on the Switchback trail last Sunday afternoon. This is literally in our backyard. Keith and Christine surprised us and came up from Emmaus for the ride. Perfect day, great company . . . topped off with burgers and beer at JT’s.

The sketchiest part of the trail is a little cliff crossing that maybe Hans Rey could get across on a bike. Keith and Chris killed it. Gives me vertigo, a little . . . sometimes. I can cross it like a trooper . . . as long as I’m in my happy place. 


Christine & Keith checking out the Lehigh River Gorge from the Mt. Pisgah lookout. 

 . . . great day to be alive!

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