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Ok, so maybe it takes a little more than that, but according to my man, the key to athletic success is good lovin. We just got back from running one of our favorite trails with the kids (Rube and Bruno), and I still chuckle to myself that I get to catch a run or training ride with my husband. I still feel kinda new to this marriage thing, considering that we got married in 2005 and I spent the better part of 2007 away from home and we’ve been wrecking houses, starting new jobs, leaving old jobs, and racing bikes in between.


Meathead (left), Stinky (right)

It still surprises me to look across the room or next to me and realize he’s in my corner. Not only is he a calming presence, he’s the best training partner. He’d rather run with me (which is slow—I’m no runner, especially after a heavy day in the gym) then push the pace. Lucky, lucky, lucky. . . . Take it from me, folks. Get it where you can. A little good love goes a long way.


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