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T’day’s work

Had my last round of tests this morning. Only one more trip to Doc Blasiol to make sure all systems are go. I found this great article online about transition periods to demystify the need and importance of taking time off—and to add some context and validation to my experience the past 6 weeks.

Coach Ben has me in what he calls a ‘training to train’ period, which is a steady drill of low-intensity aerobic riding, leg speed drills, weights and yoga. Just get into the habit and lay a solid foundation. It’s also a good time to get a handle on any weaknesses or deficiencies so we can correct them — thus, the battery of tests.

My day started with a CT Scan and a little vampire taking some blood. I’m not a big fan of needles. I nearly fainted 2 weeks ago at the first blood-letting. This girl knew what she was doing! I nearly kissed her when I left the lab.

On Thursdays, I lift at 24/7 Fitness in Allentown, where owner John Brinson generously provides me with a ‘Champion’ membership. I also have a membership at HealthWorks here in Lehighton. Both are great gyms. Lehighton’s cool because the equipment is top-notch and it has a diverse no-nonsense membership. Westend is funny because it’s a mix of the tennis club set, kids, professionals and some real hammer heads. This being eastern Pennsylvania, they still play classic rock, so I can lift to Journey, Kansas, Quiet Riot and Rush—all the hair bands I grew up with. HILARIOUS!


I recently started working with Dr. Nick Theodoro out of Easton. My goal is to build overall strength and really improve my power this year—and of course do it totally clean and drug-free, which is Dr. Nick’s expertise. He’s passionate about his anti-drug stance and is a great teacher. I’ve met with him a few times to talk about diet and run through Olympic lifting technique. This is key for me, because, left to my own devices last year . . . I tweaked my knee. This year, an ounce of prevention . .

Lath and I are looking for a source for hugged beef (my term), and Dr. Nick turned me onto Klein Farms, where you can get raw milk, yogurt, handmade cheese and yes, hugged beef. We’re into buying local, and would prefer to support farms that operate with a conscious, so we’re looking forward to checking them out.

If I have any questions about what I’m doing in the weightroom, all I have to do is run it by Dr. Nick. He’s helped me feel confident about what I’m doing. Last year, I had 3 different people—all smart and good ones, mind you—weighing in on my strength program. This year, I’m reigning it in. Take a little bit from Mike, Erin, John, Bob, Coach Ben . . . think about what’s worked and what hasn’t, listen to what Dr. Nick has to say, and craft a program that works for me. It’ll be interesting to see how it makes a difference.


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Me. Cavegirl

In trying to figure out why months of pushing it to the rivet are leaving me crispy, like a piece of burnt toast, we’re trying something new with how we eat.

Lath picked up Joe Friel & Dr. Loren Cordain’s, The Paleo Diet for Athletes at Christmas—a purchase that stunned me because my man’s a Fishatarian and I associate cavemen with MEAT. I’m a big fan of Friel’s, author of The Cyclist’s Training Bible. He does a great job of breaking down complicated training ideas for a rube like me.

Friel and Loren do the same with The Paleo Diet. I’m just a few chapters in, so I’m still working it out. The most notable change is that I’m making a pork chop omelet with Kolrabi, broccoli and squash for breakfast. Here’s the basic gyst: Eat what Neanderthals ate.

Seriously. Lean meats, fish, all the fruits, veggies and fresh fruit juice you can manage, and some nuts. If you can’t hunt it or gather it, don’t buy it.

Don’t eat all the crap Man has invented with His machinery from corn and wheat crops. Nothing refined. Dairy seems questionable. Apparently Cavemen weren’t sallying up to dairy cows when they were thirsty back then. Almond milk is good.

I’m not a Can or a Can’t kind of girl when it comes to diet, but these seem like good guidelines. Was a bit disorienting going to the store at first—you only have to go down two aisles, MAYBE three! Lath and I are certainly eating better, fresher dinners, and it’s been fun trying and preparing new foods.

We were getting into the habit of popping ready-to-eat vegetarian meals into the toaster oven (taste’s like meat!). And pasta and cereal’s so quick and easy. Mmmm, maybe that’s why I’m fried? Eating like this is supposed to deliver better, more nutrient dense food to your system.

Joe & Loren have tested and refined their ideas and applied it to the needs of today’s athlete. I need to double check to make sure the recommendations cover the needs of a sprint athlete. The next step is the work out timing (when to eat), which I’ve followed way too loosely in the past. Paleo Diet allows for carbs and sugars, just pre, during, and post-exercise. Back to getting on a schedule.

My only concern is it’s sorely lacking three foods I live for; wine, cheese and chocolate. (I wonder if Cavemen negotiate?)

Now I just gotta get used to grazing.

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