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I don’t know how many of you folks have been paying attention to women’s racing lately, so I’m going to share a few highlights…

Last week, Sarah Hammer (of the United States) set a new World Record in the Individual Pursuit at the Panamerican Track Championships.

Photo: © TeknoBike-Mexico

Then the following day, Sarah, Lauren Tamayo and Dotsie Bausch dropped a wicked fast time and ripped open a 3:19.569 to set a new World Record in the Team Pursuit in Aguascalientes, Mexico. For Sarah, that’s two world records in as many days . . .

photo by Benjamin Sharp

This is so freakin’ cool . . . . Here’s another great shot by Photo: © Wenceslao Rodriguez/ WRS IMAGENES . . . click on it to read the story. I’ve never seen Dotsie Bausch smile so large.

Photo: © Wenceslao Rodriguez/ WRS IMAGENES

Come to think of it, they all look pretty happy.

Then a few days later . . . T-Bird (aka Theresa Cliff-Ryan) lapped the field twice to win the women’s points race at Panam’s. She’s out of control. Let me say that again . . . lapped the field twice to win GOLD at Panamerican Track Championships.

Then, of course . . . on Sunday of this week, 17-year old Coryn Rivera won the women’s crit at the Amgen Tour of California . Here’s a pic of the finish if you missed this little nugget on the interwebs . . .

Photo: © Mark Johnson

Seems to me 2010 is cookin’ up to be the year of the girl. At least for the home team.

Just sayin’.


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These girls know how to light it up, first in the race, then on the podium! Props to Laura McCaughey (read: McCorkey) for grabbin’ the Scratch race win at Aussie Track Nats and my teammate Jess Maclean for taking home the silver medal. Toireasa Gallagher (NSW, right), took third.

Here’s the story from Cycling news . . .

Tasmanian rider Laura McCaughey rode the race of her life to upstage her more fancied rivals, including team-mate Belinda Goss, to claim the scratch race title. “I can’t wipe the smile off my face, it’s starting to hurt but I’m so incredibly rapt. It just shows that believing in yourself and backing yourself really works,” the elated winner said. “It’s the first time I’ve really done it and thank god it paid off!” McCaughey and Toireasa Gallagher (NSW) slipped away from the field with 13 laps remaining, joined two laps later by Jessie MacLean (ACT) and Josephine Butler (WA).

The opening ten laps were run at a solid tempo, before the first two attacks came from Josie Tomic (WA). Goss lead a group of six soon after the half way mark, but was reeled in with fifteen minutes remaining, setting up McCaughey’s counter attack. A fall involving one of the pre-race favourites, Skye-Lee Armstrong (NSW) and Esther Pugh-Uren (Victoria) soon after the winning attack made little difference to the final result, with the combined efforts of Goss, Josie Tomic (WA), Kirsty Broun (Queensland) and Tess Downing (Victoria) not enough to close the half lap gap to the leaders.

McCaughey jumped away from her tiring companions, coming into the final lap and taking the win well clear, with MacLean holding on for the silver medal ahead of Gallagher. The 26 year-old winner is a former state level runner, who turned to cycling after a serious back injury. Coached by Jame Carney, the US track star who has been a regular visitor to the Tasmanian Christmas carnivals, McCaughey said she had gone into the race with “no tactics, just instinct. I wasn’t marking anyone, because I know that with a scratch race if you race it ten times you’ll get ten different winners.”

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On sprinting . . .

Came across this today while flipping through an old training log. Kinda spoke to me.

“For all their fearlessness, sprinters are a delicate breed. At the peak of form they effuse an aura of invincibility, suggesting no bicycle rider ever pedaled as fast. To win, sprinters must have everything: physical condition, confidence, luck, aggression and committed team support. An elusive combination, attainable but not sustainable.” —David Walsh, Inside the Tour de France

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